Light Defending

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Extinguish the light without being caught.


Gas lamp, candle in jar, torches, matches


- A gas lamp, or candle is lit and placed in a jar, and placed in a clearing in a wooded area. Four to six leaders (or older players) are armed with torches and locate themselves at least 10 metres from the light. one blows a whistle to start the game and the players who have been waiting back at the base, must try to creep up and extinguish the lamp without being spotted by the defenders with torches.
- The defenders should not keep the torches on permanently, but switch them on and point them at any players they hear approaching, calling their name or description of their clothing. Spotted players stand up and return to their base before trying to attack again.
- When the lamp is extinguished, blow the whistle, send players back to base (checking the area for lazy players!), relight the lamp and blow the whistle for round two.



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