97 Dominoes

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Challenge: Create a domino run of at least 200 dominoes. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 97


• At least 200 dominoes
• Tape
• Tweezers


Do you have patience and a gentle touch, then try creating a domino run:

• Make sure you have enough dominoes, and begin by designing a pattern on the floor marking it out with tape.
• Place the dominoes in accordance with your plan. You might like to use tweezers to place them in hard to reach places.
• Include some tricks, e.g. making the dominoes go upstairs, or fatling down a drop, or revealing a pattern using stickers on the reverse of the dominoes.
• Even better is inventing new tricks using ordinary household items. Here are some examples:
— Set an empty drinks can in the middle of a run which when hit rolls and starts a new run.
— A light bulb on its side will pivot on its metal screw, in an arcing path before hitting a new line of dominoes.
— Balance a ruler on a flat domino in the middle of a run. Set another domino on one end, turned 90°, holding the ruler down. When a domino falls on the other end its like a seesaw.
— Tape two dominoes end-to-end. When knocked down over a row of fallen dominoes, it will topple more on the other side.
— Place a roll of toilet paper on the edge of a book. Have some dominoes push it off, where it will land and unroll on a three ring binder. Try writing a message on the paper that will be revealed.
— Drive a nail through the centre of a ruler and set it on a funnel. When one end of the ruler is pushed it will spin around, toppling more dominoes going in the opposite direction at the other end.

Tips / Advice:
• Can you beat this world record? According to Guinness World Records the record for the most toppled dominoes is 4,079,381. The record was set at Domino Day 2006, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands on the 17th November 2006.
• Have a look at some examples on You Tube and perhaps add a video of yours!

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 97


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