Free Being Me Session One Leaders Information (11-14 yrs)

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About Free Being Me




About Free Being Me
Written especially for 11-14 year olds, this educational programme will give your group a chance to stop and reflect on the world around them, and the influence it has on the way they think about themselves and other people. They will discover that their society – through the media, and those they spend time with– encourages them to try to look like a very narrow definition of beauty. They’ll find out the downsides of trying to look like this ‘Image Myth’ – and discover that it’s actually impossible; even celebrities and models are airbrushed!

Participants are empowered to speak out and challenge the Image Myth in lots of different ways, boosting their body confidence and having fun at the same time. Finally, Free Being Me challenges participants to take the lead by taking action in their community, sharing what they have learned with their peers.These activities can be run with groups that are girls- only and co-educational. Some activities suggest boys and girls working in single-sex groups, but many can be done together. All examples are adaptable for a co-educational group.

11-14s will learn:
There is an Image Myth in their society (and other societies worldwide have them too, though they might have different features).

The Image Myth’s definition is so long and specific, that it’s impossible to achieve (even models are airbrushed).

There are lots of costs to following the Image Myth for us and our community.

There is an alternative to the Image Myth! We can all challenge the Image Myth wherever
we go, and there are lots of different ways we can challenge both the media and our friends and family.

Using Free Being Me
Before you begin, please read the Leader Guide, and ask all other leaders and volunteers to read it too. Page 10 of the Leader Guide shows how the activity pages in this pack are set up to support you as you lead, including ‘support prompts’ and tips for the leader.As Free Being Me is a global programme, millions of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world will be taking part in the same activities as your group. By sharing the messages your group creates during Free Being Me, you can be part of a global body confidence revolution, mobilising millions of young voices to speak up for diversity and challenge the idea that there’s only one way to look beautiful.Visit to share your group’s story, and connect with other Free Being Me groups from across the globe!

Children who have taken part in the Free Being Me activities and done a Take Action project that reaches two others should receive a Free Being Me badge. Giving these badges is a great reward for the participants, and helps the World Association count out how many have taken part in the activities worldwide.


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