IGG Free Being Me Session One Airbrushing Spot the difference* (11-14 years)

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Participants understand that the Image Myth really is impossible. Even models and celebrities can't fully match it as their images are frequently airbrushed in magazine and advertisements.


Sheet 2.1
Dove Evolution Video


Now we’re going to think about the pictures that get used in magazines and other types of media like Gloss magazine. We’re going to explore the computer techniques that go in to creating these pictures and how they can keep the Image Myth going.

In small groups, either:
1) Use Sheet 1.2. Compare the before and after airbrushing images, and find as many differences as you can.

2) Watch the Dove Evolution video and note down all the ways you see the model’s image change from
start to finish. You could show Dove Evolution twice to allow the group two opportunities to see what they didn’t spot the first time.

Ask afterwards:
How does it make you feel to know that even models and celebrities are airbrushed, because they aren’t considered beautiful enough?
Is the image myth really ideal, or are there other ways to be beautiful and special?

Ask participants to turn to a friend, and give them time to tell each other why they think the image myth is impossible to achieve. This is an opportunity for girls
to take the lead to show why they disagree with the Image Myth.


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