IGG Free Being Me Session One Personal Challenge brief- Media Detectives (11-14 years)

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Participants practise challenging the Image Myth, using a real-life example


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What to do
Explain the Personal Challenge:

Before you come back for the next session of Free Being Me, I want you to be a media detective - find and expose an example of the Image Myth that you come across in your society’s media. Stick it onto the handout, write down why you don’t agree with it, and bring along your example to the next session!

Show your participants the back of your hand-out, and ask them to write down their answers to the questions, for them to share next session.

The questions are

“The image myth is fake because…”

“It’s not worth trying to look like this Image Myth because….”

Participants might not be used to taking away Personal Challenges to do between sessions
– explain that they’ll have a few different challenges while doing Free Being Me, but they are all fun and interesting, and will really help them stand up for body confidence for themselves and other people.


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