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Challenge: Attend a Christian Youth Festival. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 109


• Warm clothes
• Toiletries
• Wellies
• Waterproof
• Sun screen
• Entrance tickets
• Money to buy food during the event
• Weekend visitors may require their own tent, cooking facilities


There are twenty different Christian youth festivals that take place so why not attend as a day visitor or better still for a whole weekend. The Boys’ Brigade holds a number of festivals each year.

• Turning Point (in Northern Ireland, during April) — w.turningpointni.org.uk
• Firm Foundations (in England, during May) — iv.frrm-foundations.org.uk
• Northern Saints (during August) — details from Felden Lodge.

There are many other Christian Festivals look at the ones below and search for others on the internet
• Spring Harvest
• Soul Survivor
• Greenbelt
• Keswick
• New Wine

Each of the above Festivals have websites which will give you further details about the location of each event, and what is included.

Tips / Advice:
• Research the festival that you have chosen — location / cost / food availability etc. before attending.
• Suitable Clothing — British weather is very changeable — be prepared!

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• Make sure that you attend and travel with a leader and complete RB consent forms for overnight stays.
• Leave details of travel arrangements at home with parents.
• Carry a mobile phone for emergencies.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 109


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