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Challenge: Create a poem or rap with a positive message about the BB. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 115




To get you started themes that could be included are a personal journey through the BB, what the BB is about or offers or a particular activity/event e.g. camp.

A few tips on writing a rap:
• Rap about anything but remember to write to the beat.
• Raps are talk songs. They are not sung; they are spoken.
• They have a lot of rhyme.
• Most raps rhyme in “couplets”. That means lines rhyme two at a time. Lines one and two rhyme with each other, but not with the other lines. Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other, but not with the other lines. And soon. The two lines that rhyme together are a “Couplet”.
• Don’t rap about personal things that are not true. While some people might take a 1 can rap about anything I want to!” attitude, it’s best to stick with the truth.

A few tips on writing a poem:
A poem may be born as a snippet of verse, maybe just a line or two that seems to come out of nowhere. That’s what’s usually called inspiration; from that beginning simply flesh it out, to build the rest of the poem around it. At other times when writing about a specific thing or idea, do a little planning. Write down all the words and phrases that come to mind when thinking of that idea. Write them down as quickly as possible, and when finished, go through the list and look for connections or certain items that get the creative writing flowing.

The poem/rap could be performed to others as part of a Church Service (if appropriate) or it could be included in a Company/Church newsletter for people to read themselves

Tips / Advice:
Remember to make sure the content is suitable and the poem/rap is positive!

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 115


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