Free Being Me Session 5 Next Steps What to do* (11-14 years)

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How can you keep your campaign going, and connect with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world?




Make the Change
It’s time to put your plan into action!

Discuss it:
Beforehand, you might like to discuss with the group:

How will you know your Take Action project has been a success?
What are you most excited about?
Do you have any worries? (Work together to solve those before you start).

Record it:
Take photos or film your event.
Ask people you reach for feedback on their experience. Count the number of people who took part.

Tell the world all about your Take Action project at! What did you do? How many people did you reach?

Share the Change
Great work! The Take Action project(s) has happened, and you’ve reached children and young people in your community with your Free Being Me message; that the Image Myth is impossible, costs us far too much, and that being free of it is amazing!

We are sure your group doesn’t want to stop there…

Look back
Make a little time to evaluate Free Being Me – the activities and your Take Action project. Here’s one way you could do this:

River journey: Participants describe their journey from Session One to Session Five of the Free Being Me as a river journey, starting near the source and travelling towards the sea.

In small groups, draw out the river and the journey they took, labeling it if they like. Where did the river flow fast i.e. when did they enjoy themselves and learn a lot? Were there any trees blocking their way? Did they reach forks in the river where they had to take decisions? Did the way they looked at the world around them change on their journey?

Ask participants to share their journey, talking it through with the whole group or in small groups.

Let’s celebrate!
Award your group members with their Free Being Me badge! Why not plan a celebration at the same time, to congratulate yourselves on all you’ve achieved for your own body confidence, and for others

Look forward… My pledge
How can you keep your campaign going, and connect with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world?

Share what you’ve done: Share the plans, pictures and quotes from your Take Action project with others all around the world on Inspire others, and be inspired!

We’ve all learned a lot from Free Being Me – we’ve worked out that there is an Image Myth in our society, and defined what it looks like. We know why following the Image Myth is a bad idea, because it is impossible to achieve, and makes people’s lives really difficult. We also learned how we can challenge the Image Myth ourselves.

So, what is your pledge? What will you keep doing, or maybe start doing, now we’ve finished Free Being Me?

Ask participants to fill in their own pledge card, decorate it and take it away with them, to remind them what they pledged to do. They could continue with the pledge they made at the end of Session Four
– or they might like to take it further or try something different.

Why not remind them of their pledges in a month’s time and find out how they’re going?
Well done!
Thank you for taking part in Free Being Me. We hope your group has enjoyed it, learned a lot and feel empowered to take their messages out to everyone they meet.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve done on the, and join the worldwide body confidence revolution!!

How did it go?
Go to to fill in the online global survey – your chance to feed back your group’s experience of Free Being Me. Your thoughts and opinions will be taken into consideration for future versions of this curriculum.


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