Ghost Garland Halloween Decoration

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Easy to make garland or string of ghosts for decoration at Halloween or Spooky Parties


Tissues (2 for each ghost, layered)
Cotton wool balls (4 for each ghost head)
White wool, thread or string (to tie around neck)
Black marker (to make eyes) or stick on googly eyes
Embroidery thread, wool or string (to string ghosts onto)
Long needle (to poke through ghost neck)


Squeeze the cotton wool balls together to make a sphere/head shape. Place the sphere in the middle of the tissue and pull the tissue around. Tie the white thread directly around the tissue, just under the sphere to create the ghost's "head" and a tissue "body". Draw on eyes with a marker or use stick on googly eyes. Thread the long needle using embroidery thread, wool or string and thread the ghosts along it, piercing the needle through just under the "head" where the white thread was tied.


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