Kelly Tarlton's Sleepover

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We are having a combined Beachhaven Scout group Keas and Cubs only sleepover at Kelly Tarlton's on Friday the 14th October. We need to be at Kelly Tarlton's by 6:45pm by the exit end of Kelly Tarltons.
A gear list will be sent home. Children and adults who attend need to be able to carry all their own gear into Kelly Tarltons. Only the participants will be allowed to enter the building and this will be at 7pm sharp. If you arrive late you will miss out as the doors are locked all night and only open for us to enter and open in the morning at 9am for you to collect your children the next morning.
If attending you will need a roll up sleeping mat or single air mattress with foot pump, a sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, Sleep wear, tooth brush, toothpaste, clean underwear. The mattress needs to be a single size only as the children sleep in the shark and fish tunnels on the conveyor belt. (this gets turned off) and the carpet area needs to be kept clear for those who need to walk past. Adults do not sleep with children but 2 leaders will be near the 2 entry ways of the tunnel. Other adults sleep in the classroom.
Those who are attending will need to eat dinner before arriving. Super will be had before children go to bed which will include a drink and biscuit. Breakfast will include basic cereals and toast.
For any adults who are interested in coming to help out we will need for you to fill out a parent helper form. Please contact your leader about this. The venue takes up to 70 guests.
The cost is $41 per person, this includes children and adults.
Please pay to the Scout bank account ASAP and make sure you click this message on OSM that your child is coming.




To meet by 6:45pm at the exit of Kelly Tarltons on Friday the 14th October and Pick up is at 9am on the Saturday morning.


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