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Learn who you should go to if you are lost or need help (Kidproofusa)




Learn who you should go to if you are lost or need help

Note to Leaders
Samantha Wilson, a former police officer who founded kidproof.com, says that teaching our kids “don’t talk to strangers” is actually the biggest mistake parents make.
Instead we have to teach our kids never to go anywhere with anyone without asking their parents’ permission first.
This is the lesson we should reinforce as soon we begin speaking to children about safety

It is clear and easy to understand. Sit the Ladybirds in a circle and ask what they think they should do if they are lost.
1. If you get separated…stay put
2. Stop
3. Call out loud your mothers/fathers/minders real name because if you are shouting mam/mammy it can be hard for mammy to recognise your voice if there is a lot or noise around.
If you know the real names, and you ever become lost, then you can tell someone who your parents/minder are. (See note above)
4. Go to another mother with children and ask for help
5. Go to the checkout- lady if you are in a shop, you can skip the queue.
6. Do not leave the shop


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