A4 Stained Glass Window

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To depict a Bible story by using acetate sheets or Perspex and glass paints. Taken from the BB Company Section, Discoverer Pro Pack, Skill, Christian Faith A4


Acetate sheets or Sheet of Perspex
Glass paints
Block outliner
Lead reel (for Perspex only)
Double sided sellotape
Stain Glass Window template


Part 1:
• Read through a Bible story and ask the young people to highlight their ideas of what could be depicted in a stained glass window (the template depicts the Christmas and Easter story as examples of what could be done).
• Each young person should decide what they are going to do.
• Ask each young person to draw a line drawing on a piece of paper, the same size as an acetate square, of the scene they are going to use as part of the stain glass window. Show the young people the examples on the template and any others you find.

Part 2:
• Sellotape a piece of acetate on top of the line drawing (to stop it moving) and using a black outliner, carefully draw round all the lines of the drawing. Try to avoid smudging.

Part 3:
• Carefully paint in appropriate colours starting at the top of the acetate sheet, when finished leave to dry.
• When dry, stick squares together with double sided tape to form a window or pattern.

Perspex Option:
You can make a stained glass window for display in your church. Start by cutting a sheet of Perspex to the required size to fit over a window opening.

Design your window on a large sheet of paper that has been cut to size

Sellotape your completed design to the Perspex so that the design can be seen.

Using Lead edging pens draw the design on the Perspex, for bolder lines use stick on lead strips to form the design.

Paint the Perspex with glass paints.

Tips / Advice:
• Add names to the paper drawings and acetate sheets.
• Use separate brushes for each colour.
• Wash brushes after use.

For full details see the BB Company Section, Discoverer Pro Pack, Skill, Christian Faith A4


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