International Greetings

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There are two activities in this document to help the Beavers learn some Spanish phrases with you. I’ve prepared a section in this document for you to rehearse at home before you teach the kids.


Preparation Before The Meeting
1. Print the ‘Spanish Practise For The Leader’ section of this document and rehearse at home how to say the phrases you are going to teach the kids
2. Print out Lesson 1 to 4 – found in this document you need one for the teaching leader. Lesson 4 is an option lesson only use if you feel the Beavers are enjoying learning more
3. Print out ‘Activity Two’ – found at the end of this document – you need to copy for the leader


Directions/Leader Speak
1. Speak - The last task you need to complete for your ‘International badge’ is to learn how to say a greeting in another language. I have chosen Spainsh because it’s one of the top three most spoken languages
2. Speak – I’m going to teach you some basic phrases



Badge Links

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