IGG Free Being Me Session Three Mission 5 Role Model Games (11-14 years)

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Participants identify who their role model is


small piece of paper
both for every participant


Who in your life do you respect and want to try to act more like? It might be your friend, your mum or sister, a teacher, someone in our community, or maybe someone famous. You might respect them because they make life better for other people, or because they have made the most of the opportunities they’ve had in life.

Once everyone has someone in their mind, give out the paper. Ask participants to write down three of the best things about that person. Remind everyone that they are thinking about who the person is and what they do, not what they look like. They should keep their pieces of paper secret.

Ideas for the list: Brave, fun, cares about others, is amazing at singing, always smiling…

Now choose one of these games to play:

Role model tag:
Play a game of tag. Nominate one person who is ‘it’, who runs after the rest of the group, trying to tag them by touching them on the shoulder.

When someone is tagged, they shout “FREEZE!” and everyone stops still. The person who was tagged then reads out one of the characteristics on her role
model list. Anyone else, whose role model shares that characteristic, should race each other and touch the wall (or another object you set up.) The last person to touch the wall is the next person who is ‘it’! If no-one’s role model shared the characteristic, then the original person tagged is ‘it’.

The game then starts again with the new ‘it’.

Role model circle game:
Everyone stands in a circle, spaced quite far apart. Ask everyone in turn to say once thing from their list.

As soon as someone hears a characteristic spoken that is also on their list, they should shout “ME TOO!” The speaker and the people who had the match should then immediately leave their places in the circle and run around the outside to jump into a free space in
the circle. The last person to find a space is the next person to speak.

Thank you for sharing your ideas of a good model
– remember, role models are important and fantastic, not because they follow the Image Myth, but because of who they are on the inside!


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