IGG Free Being Me Session Three Mission 4 Badge it! (11-14 years)

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Participants make an I'm unique badge


Thick Card
Circle templates
safety pins
decorative material
strong sticky tape


One of the downsides of following the Image Myth is that everyone feels they need to look the same, which stops them realising and enjoying that they are unique and special just as they are!

Help remind your friends of this by making them an ‘I’m unique’ badge – or come up with your own idea to help your friends remember how special they are.

Ask participants to draw around the circle template and cut out a circle of card. Draw or paint the ‘I’m unique’ slogan on the badge and decorate it, then tape on the safety pin.

Give your badge to someone you feel needs this message. Remember to tell them why you’re giving it – because it’s a bad idea to try hard to follow the Image Myth! It’s impossible, and your friend is fantastic as they are!


  • 11-14 year olds
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