IGG Free Being Me Session Three Mission 3 – Quick Comebacks* (11-14 years)

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Talking with other people about our thoughts and feelings is really important. Sometimes though, we focus on looks rather than on people’s qualities and who they really are. This keeps the Image Myth going! This mission is a chance for us to practise what we would say and do to stop the Image Myth from spreading.


token to throw


Lay out the statements face down on the ground, spaced out.

Your mission is to challenge the statements with a quick comeback that would stop someone talking in a way that supports the Image Myth and make them think about what they were saying.

For example, if someone said, “Don’t you think that girl looks too fat to be wearing a swimsuit?”, what could you say to her to show that you don’t agree with the Image Myth? What could you say to tell her that you think she is great just the way she is and it’s not nice to criticise the way other people look?

Get a few responses from your participants.

Example responses could include: “I think she’s great just the way she is”; “Swimming is about having fun and enjoying the water, not the way you look”; “it’s a waste of time worrying about how other people look and I don’t agree with putting others down”

Participants take turns to throw the token to land on one of the statements. The leader should read out the statement the participant’s token landed on.

Encourage everyone to help each other out – explain that their goal as a team is to try to hit all the numbers on the board and respond to as many statements as possible in the time they have.

Now we want you to practice this, so each of you will take turns throwing a token onto one of the
statements. I will read out the statement it lands on. The person who’s thrown the token should have a go at saying a quick comeback to their statement. Then the rest of your group can help out with additional ideas of what you could say.

Each comeback you make should include something that shows you don’t agree with the Image Myth!


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