IGG Free Being Me Session Three Mission 2 Beauty Bubbles* (11-14 years)

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This mission is your chance to speak out against the Image Myth and take the lead by sharing your message with the world!


Large Pieces of thick paper or card
think pens


You have the chance to create your very own short written message that you want to share with other young people around the world about why the Image Myth is a waste of time, and why life is not all about looks.

Ask everyone to draw and cut out their own large speech bubble, and write in big letters their challenge to the Image Myth that they want to shout out to other young people around the world.

When they are finished, each person should hold up their speech bubble and read out what it says to the rest of the group. Why not take photographs or videos of each participant with her speech bubble?

Share it!

You can share your speech bubbles
www.free-being-me.com so you really can give your advice to girls around the world.

Take your bubble message home and share it as many ways/times as you can.


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