C4 Night Hike

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The challenge to young people to undertake and navigate a venture under the cover of darkness. Added to the BB Company Section Discoverer, Recreation, Outdoor and Adventure C4


Activity 1
Route card template

Activity 2
Route card
Walking Boots / Strong Shoes
First Aid Kit
Two way radio (Optional)


Why Go Night Hiking

• Engage your other senses. With your vision reduced, your senses of smell and hearing will take on bigger roles and you’ll experience the outdoors in a different way.

• See the night sky. Dark skies are nearly impossible to find in most urban areas. By getting out into open space, you’ll have a chance to get away from light pollution in towns and cities. And during annual astronomical events, such as August’s Perseid and November’s Leonid meteor showers, dark skies make all of the difference.

Activity 1 - Planning

Using the maps plot the route to be followed.

Having decided upon the start and end point for the hike task the young people with plotting a route from the start to the finish. Care should be taken that the route chosen is walkable at night. Avoid any danger areas such as fording streams and walking along narrow riverside spits and paths that come close to large drops. A good template to use is the DofE route card template.

Ask young people to draw up a kit list.

Ask young people to consider what they may wish to seek while on the route. (Night flight birds, small mammals, Stars, survey of light pollution etc)

Activity 2 - The Hike

Young people to hike the route chosen

Why not end the night by cooking breakfast under the stars, Devotions and having a sing song.


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