H1 Relay Games

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Aim: To develop team work and fitness through relay games. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games H1


Large Ball (e.g. football)
4 Marker Cones

Activity 2
• 1 football for each team
• 1 set of goals

Activity 3
• Table tennis balls for each team
• Table tennis bats or old books or pieces of wood


Activity 1 - Circle Head Race

Aim: To complete the relay game.

1. Place marker cones at each corner of playing area, leaving sufficient space for players to run around the outside.
2. Divide into two teams.
3. Team 1 line up ready to run around the cones.
4. Team 2 form a circle in the centre with one player at the centre of the circle.
5. The ball is thrown by the player in the centre of Team 2 to each player in turn, who heads the ball back to the centre. The player in the centre must then catch the ball. Count the number of times the ball is caught after being headed back. A ball not caught after a headed return does not score.
6. At the same time, Team 1 take it in turn to run one (or 2 laps around) the circuit.
7. When Team 1 has completed the circuits, Team 2 stops heading and catching.
8. Teams change over, with Team 1 heading and Team 2 running.
9. The winner is the team with the highest number of catches,

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
A proper indoor football is ideal for this game, otherwise a plastic/nylon football.

Activity 2 - Goal Dribble

Aim: To dribble a football then score a goal.

1. Teams line up facing the goal. Players in each team sit, one behind the other.
2. The first player in each team takes the ball and runs to the back of the team.
3. The player dribbles the ball around the members of the team, when he has reached the front of the team he takes a shot at goal.
4. When a goal has been scored, the ball is retrieved by the player and given to the next player in the team. The first player resumes his place at the front of the team.
5. The next player starts from the back, dribbles the ball to the front and scores a goal.
6. Continue until all players in the team have had a turn. Each player starts from the back and resumes their original place when their turn is complete.
7. The first team where every member has scored a goal is the winner.

Activity 3 - Alphabet Ping Pong

Aim: To keep a ping pong ball moving whilst using the letters of the alphabet.

1. Teams will need to be formed with sufficient space between each team and each team member.
2. The first member in each team will ‘bat’ the ball to the next player in their team and calls out the letter A.
3. The second team member then bats the table tennis ball to the third member calling out the letter B
4. The team works together to see how far down the alphabet it can get before the ball touches the ground.
5. You do not need 26 in each team — each player may need to bat’ a few times.

Tips / Advice:
There is a degree of skill required in this game and a practice could be held before the game commences

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Ensure that The hall space being used is large enough for This relay game and that any obstructions are removed before the game commences as the team members may need to move around the hail depending how skilful They are controlling the ping pong ball.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games H1


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