K2 Indoor Olympics

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Aim: To enable young people to take part in an alternative indoor Olympics. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games K2


• A4 paper
• Broadsheet newspaper
• Chalk
• Paper plates
• Tape
• Cones
• Stopwatch
• PT mat
• Light weight football
• Skipping rope


Aim: To get young people to compete In the Indoor Olympics.

Get your young people to take part in some of the following events:

• Every young person makes a paper aeroplane from a sheet of A4 paper.
• Players launch their planes, the winner is the plane that travels the furthest.

• Math out a semi-circle as the throwing area.
• Each player has two sheets of paper and scrunches them up into a single ball.
• Holding the ball as in the shot put, each player throws their ball.
• The player whose ball travels the furthest is the winner.

• Mark out area from which the discus will be thrown.
• Each player throws a paper plate like a Frisbee.
• The player whose plate travels the furthest is the winner.

• The young person runs between markers 5 times and the time is recorded.
• OR record how many runs are completed in 20 seconds.

• Stand at the end of the mat with feet together.
• Jump forward to land on two feet.
• Measure the distance from the end of mat to where the young person landed (back of heels).
• To introduce a handicap system, take into account the height of the young person by lying down on the mat and marking their body height. The distance of the jump is then measured as the distance beyond their own body height.

• Using feet, knees or head, players try to prevent the ball from touching the floor.
• Record the time OR count the number of strikes on the ball.
• This could be played individually, in pairs or as part of a team.

• Record the time or number of turns the young person can complete.

• In the sports played tonight there have been winners and losers. There may have been prizes.
• Read Philippians 3 V 12-16.
• What prize are we aiming for in life?

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games K2


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