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Aim: To use Christian Board Games to facilitate the presentation of the Christian message. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation Christian Faith J2


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Aim: To use Christian Board Games to introduce I present the Christian message to young people.

Instructions: L
• Christian board games are a tremendous resource for teaching young people about Christianity and Christian values. The games allow the Christian message to be presented in a more informal way, and they are fun to play!

• There are a number of games on The market and these can be purchased from most good Christian Bookshops or on-line. A number of games are listed on the BB Scotland Website and you can also get advice on where to purchase these. The games are quite expensive — £25 to £35 — so it is advisable to consider those which would be most appropriate to your group of young people, and your possible usage. Within the local area you could possibly link up with a few other groups and purchase a game each which could be swapped around.

• Many games give a minimum age limit but you will find that these are as suitable for older children/young people, as they often require a pre-requisite Bible knowledge. Games can also be w adapted to suit your own method of play — as we do with other board games! It is more important —, that young people learn about Jesus than necessarily sticking to the rules!

• Christian board games are not an easy option — “give them the game and let them get on with it!” fl Leaders have an important role in guiding and supporting the young people, and it can be more effective than a Bible talk. 3 • You have to make sure all the components are put back into the box!

• The handout gives examples of four board games taken from different categories — Bible Knowledge; Bible Team Games; Christian Values; and Christian Stewardship. The handouts give a quick guide for leaders using the games with young people and some insight into the way in which the games can be used.

• You can use the games as part of a normal week-night programme, as a devotion, or as an inter-team challenge.


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