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Aim: To introduce young people to the game of chess. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games J1


Activity 1, 2
• Chess set(s)


Activity 1 - Moving/Taking

Aim: To learn and develop the game.

The game of chess can take years to master, but can be learnt very quickly. You will probably find a range of abilities in a group, from those who have never played to those who play for their school or county. To play the game the young people need to know how each piece moves and how they ‘take’. Set the pieces up and they can start playing.

This is a good exercise especially if you have a lot of members who are new to the game.

• Place each of the pieces in tum in one of the centre squares, and get the young people to work out how many different squares the piece can move to in a single move.

• Try and get those who have never played the game to work out the different moves, making sure that those who find it easy are helping those who don’t.

• The answers should be as follows:
Pawn: 1
Knight: 8
Rook: 14
Bishop: 13
Queen: 27
King: 8

• It may be easier for some of the young people if you have counters to cover the squares where a piece can move which can be counted up at the end.

The best way to practise the game is by playing; try and pair the young people with matching ability. If you have enough chess sets you can set up a ladder system whereby the winner of a game goes up to a higher table and the loser moves down one. The loser of the bottom table and the winner of the top table should stay where they are. You may wish to play timed games, the winner being whoever has the most points worth of pieces (8 for a queen, 5 for a bishop or knight, 4 for a rook and 1 for a pawn) if the game hasn’t finished in the allotted time.

Tips / Advice:
Most people will have a chess set of some sort at home; if you are short then you can ask some young people to bring theirs in.

Activity 2 - Anti Chess / Killer Chess

Aim: A different way of thinking about the game.

• The pieces move and take in exactly the same way as normal chess.
• The idea however is to get rid of all your pieces before the other player.
• The catch is, that if a player can take an opponent’s piece then they must (thus using his go).
• If there is more than one take available then they may choose.
• The king has no special prerogative, so there is no check or checkmate and castling is not allowed.
• If there is a stalemate then the player with the fewest pieces wins.

Tips / Advice:
Mother way to play chess is on the computer; however some young people may find it harder as they cannot see the board in the same way.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and games J1


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