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Aim: To think about how our faith should influence our lifestyle. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation Christian Faith L3


Activity 1
• Bible in a version suitable for young people


Activity 1 - Where We Start From

Aim: To understand how we can build on past experiences.

• Many of today’s football clubs had their origins in local churches, Christian clubs, Sunday Schools and Temperance Societies. Sometimes the team’s name retains the club’s Christian connection.
• Read out the following clues about two or three of these football clubs. Which of the clubs can the young people identify? Give then points according to how quickly they get the answer.

Club 1
1. This English club was started in 1885 by members of St Mary’s Church Young Men’s Association.
2. The club won the FA Cup in 1976, beating Manchester United 1-0.
3. The team’s home strip is a red & white shirt and black shorts.
4. The club moved to St Mary’s stadium from ‘the Dell’ in 2001.
5. The team’s nickname is the Saints’.

Answer — Southampton

Club 2
1. The club is one of oldest English clubs, started in 1878 by St Domingo Church Sunday School. In
2. The club have won the FA Cup 5 times, the last time in 1995 beating Manchester United.
3. The team’s home strip is a royal blue shirt and white shorts.
4. The team’s nickname is the Toffees’.
5. One of their early grounds was Anfield Road before they became the first team to have a purpose built stadium named Goodison Park’.

Answer — Everton

Club 3
1. This English football team was started in 1875 by young men from Trinity Church in Bordesley Green.
2. Their original name was the Small Heath Alliance and their nickname was ‘The Heathens’.
3. The club was the first in the UK to transfer a player for £1 million.
4. The German Air force scored 20 direct hits on their home ground, St Andrews, in World War 2.
5. Their home strip is a blue shirt and white shorts, from which the team get their nickname, ‘The Blues’.

Answer — Birmingham City

Club 4
1. This Scottish football team takes its name from the ancient name of its home city.
2. The club was founded in 1885 by the young men from the city’s cricket club.
3. The team’s home strip is a blue and white shirt and blue shorts.
4. The club were the first in the United Kingdom to have a purpose built all seated stadium; built on land given to them by a local farmer named Bruce McDiarmid.
5. The team’s nickname is the Saintees’.

Answer — St Johnstone (from St John’s Town, the old name for Perth)

Club 5
1. This Scottish football team was founded in 1867; is the oldest football club in Scotland and was started by members of the local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).
2. The team played the first ever international football match, when they played England in Glasgow on St Andrew’s Day in 1872. The result was a 0-0 draw. They were twice the beaten finalists in England’s FA Cup.
3. The team is the last remaining amateur side playing in the Scottish League.
4. The club has had 3 home grounds, all named Hampden Park.
5. The team’s strip is a black & white shirt and white shorts.

Answer — Queen’s Park

Club 6
1. This English football team started in 1880 with young men from St Mark’s Church, West Gorton and was first called Ardwick AEC.
2. They have been runners up in the FA Cup 4 times and winners 4 times, the most memorable occasion was in 1956 when their goalkeeper broke his neck during the game and carried on playing.
3. They were the first team to wear numbers on Their shirts when they played Everton in the FA Cup final in 1933.
4. Their home strip is a light blue shirt and light blue shorts, they are known as The Blues’.
5. In 2003 their left their old home ground at Maine Road for a new stadium,

Answer — Manchester City

Briefly tell The story of Joseph up to the point where he makes himself known to his brothers (Genesis ch 45): Joseph was the favourite son of his father but because of the special attention he received he was hated by his 11 brothers. At first they plotted to kill him but instead they sold him as a slave and he was taken to Egypt. In the meantime, they led his father, Jacob, to believe that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

In Egypt, Joseph prospered, although when falsely accused of assault, he was put into prison. However, his ability to interpret dreams resulted in him being brought to Pharaoh, to interpret the king’s dreams. He told Pharaoh that his dream of seven thin cattle eating up seven fat cattle meant that there would be seven years of good harvest and seven years of famine. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all the land and made him a very important person in Egypt.

As Joseph had foretold, there were seven years of good harvest during which time the Egyptians stored up huge amounts of grain. When the famine started they had plenty of reserves and were able to sell grain to others.

Back in Canaan, Joseph’s family were starving, so Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy grain. There They met up with Joseph, although they failed to recognise him, Joseph sold them the grain but secretly hid his silver cup in the sack belonging to the youngest Benjamin. The brothers has not travelled far on their return journey when Joseph’s servants caught up with them and brought them back to Egypt for stealing the cup.

The brothers protested their innocence and Joseph agreed to release them but said Benjamin would have to remain in Egypt. Judah, one of the older brothers, offered to stay behind instead. Judah said that Benjamin was his father’s favourite and the next youngest, Joseph, was dead.”

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation Christian Faith L3


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