B2 Multiply Your Money

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Aim: To make the young people aware of other people’s needs and make a difference in society.

In this activity you will be asked to ‘multiply’ a given amount of money in order to give it to a suitable cause.

Each young person will need to be given a set amount of money, say £5, to be used to raise more money e.g. purchase the ingredients to make cakes which can then be sold with the profit going to the identified cause.

This activity is based on the parable of the talents, but do not encourage the young people to bury their money!

Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Local and National B2


Activity 1
• Information leaflets about ‘good causes’ to support e.g. Christian Aid; Oxfam etc.
• Newspaper stories where funding has helped
• Websites of suitable causes

Activity 2
It will depend on how the young people are going to ‘multiply their money.
• £5 / young person

Activity 3
• Calculator
• Paper
• Pen
• Money Bags


Activity 1 - Pick Your Cause

Aim: To Identify a suitable cause to support.

• The first part of this task is to identify which cause the young people wish to support in this project.
• A list of suitable causes needs to be produced by the young people with reasons why they are on the list — each young person could speak in support of a cause on the list.
• The young people should then vote as to which cause they wish to support.
• A time limit will need to be set from the date when the £5 is given to the young people for when the proceeds of their fundraising ideas are required —4 weeks is probably a suitable time period.
• It is important that at this stage that young people are tasked with thinking about how they can use their £5 and bring their idea(s) next week.
• This project will benefit from publicity within your church and local community.

Tips / Advice:
There are many aid agencies that have suitable causes and opportunities where support and funding is sought for their work e.g. Christian Aid; Oxfam, etc.

Activity 2 - How to Multiply Your Money

Aim: To give the young people their ‘money’ to multiply.

• At this time the young people are to determine how they are going to fundraise using the ‘money’ given to them.
• Each young person should share how they are going to use their £5 to raise more. This gives the leaders the chance to ensure that it is fair and ‘legal’.
• Using the original £5 to purchase say cake ingredients and then selling them can produce a good ‘profit’ — there is nothing to stop the young people re-investing the money in another venture to make even more.
• Again at this stage publicity within your church and local community is important in order to gain support for the fundraising ideas.

Tips / Advice:
This project can really capture the imaginations of the young people so it is important to give them as much support and encouragement as possible. There will be a range of benefits not only to the chosen cause but to the group as a whole.

Activity 3 - Counting The Money

Aim: To find out the results of ‘multiplying your money’.

• This is the time when the results of the young peoples skills are discovered
• On a set date ask the young people to return their original £5 along with the profit they have been able to achieve.
• Use this time to find out from them what they did, how much they have made and hopefully whether they enjoyed it and are happy with the results
• Do make sure that all the money is correctly recorded and checked and that the money is banked.
• Once that has happened send the cheque off to the chosen cause — you could inform the local press and certainly make sure that your church members and local community are also informed.

Tips / Advice:
Be sensitive to the feelings of those who may not have done so well. Remember its not a contest.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Local and National B2


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