C3 Meet You Local Politician

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Aim: To get the young people to introduce their ideas to local politicians. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National C3


Activity 1
• 'Me and Politics’ template

Activity 2
• Paper and pen


Activity 1 - Before the Day

Aim: To plan a meeting with a local politician.

• Get the young people to fill out the ‘Me and Politics’ template.
• Ask the young people to individually name the three top issues that concern them in their local community.
• Compare their answers and see whether there are any similarities or differences?
• Try and identify four or five bullet points that the group could bring up when the local politician visits.
• It is also useful for the young people to find out about their councillor and their role.
• Get the young people to prepare some questions, e.g. what political party if any do they represent? What committees do they sit on? What are they passionate about? What football team do they support?
• Then follow up with questions that the young people have identified as a concern to them.

Tips / Advice:
• It is also important that young people understand the basics about their local council. This means that their expectations can be managed and the questions that they ask are relevant to what the councillor can actually do something about!
• You may be able to get media coverage of the meeting from your local newspaper. Send out a media release. Telephone a week before the meeting and on the day before to keep it fresh in reporters’ minds.

Activity 2 - Meeting the Politician

Aim: to give young people the opportunity to talk to a local politician about issues that concern them.

• Make sure that the time and location of the meeting is suitable for young people to be involved.
• At the meeting take minutes, and give the young people plenty of opportunity to ask their pre prepared questions.
• You might need to gently encourage the young people to ask their questions.
• It might be useful to ask a question yourself to get things going.

Activity 3 - After the Meeting

Aim: To follow up the meeting with the local politician.

• Have a wrap up discussion with the young people
• Was there anything they didn’t understand?
• Was there anything they would like to pursue further?
• Get the young people to write a thank you letter outlining the points raised in the meeting and what they felt about it.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National C3


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