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Aim: To give the young people a brief understanding of BB, but more importantly their role in it: Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National D1


Activity 1
• Access to SB website if possible
• Why did it all start?’ template

Activity 2
• My BB Company’ template

Activity 3
• Access to internet would be useful


Activity 1 - Why did it all start ?

Aim: To give a brief history of the BB.


This is an ideal topic for younger members or those just joining the groups to introduce them to some of the facts about The Boys’ Brigade’s history.

This activity could be done over two weeks to enable a briefing session on week 1 and completing of the activity template on week 2 (seeing what the young people can remember)

In the first session interactively provide the young people with a short history of The Boys’ Brigade. The young people should know the following information:
• Name of the Founder (Sir William Alexander Smith).
• Name and date of the first Company (4th October 1883, 1st Glasgow Company in Scotland).
• The motto (Sure & Steadfast taken from Hebrews 6 verse 19)
• They should have an understanding of why William Smith started The Boys’ Brigade and what he was seeking to achieve (See a copy of First for Boys’ or Sure & Stedfast’ for more information on this).

Alternatively if access to the internet is possible the activity sheet can be given out to the young people and they can use the internet to find the answers to the questions on the Why did it all start?’ template.

Tips / Advice:
• Try to be as imaginative as possible.
• It may be possible to use artefacts to show something about the history of The BB.

Activity 2 - My Company

Aim: To know basic facts about their own Company and their hopes for their involvement.

This activity is for young people to learn some basic facts about their own company and church. it could be used as an opportunity for the young people to meet some people including the Chaplain/Minster, Captain, member of staff from another company, Battalion President or a member of the congregation. One or more of these people could be give a short talk, and/or be asked questions.

Use this activity as an opportunity to ensure the young people are aware of all the opportunities on offer to them through the Company, Church, Battalion, District and/or Region.

After this the young people should complete the My BB Company’ template about their own Company, and their likes/dislikes.

Tips / Advice:
Young people may know differing amounts because of their involvement in younger age groups.

Activity 3 - The BB Family

Aim: To find out about the RB family and create an awareness of belonging to a worldwide organisation.

• Ask the young people what countries in the world have a BB presence? (a list can be found on the Global Fellowship website).
• Explain that SB was often spread abroad by people copying William Smith’s successful model or by BB leaders moving from the UK.
• Tell the young people that SB UK is a member of The Global Fellowship of Christian Youth. The Global Fellowship is the worldwide organisation which links RB and other Christian Ministries.
• If access to the internet is available the young people should find out 4 facts about the BB in an overseas country using the Global Fellowship website. If internet access is not possible Global Fellowship updates from the BB Gazette could be provided to the young people along with a print off from the website so this activity can be completed.
• It might be possible to become involved in one of the Brigade’s international projects, or possibly set up a pen-friend link with an overseas company. The Global Fellowship office could put you in touch with a contact in another country.

Tips / Advice:
The BB Gazette regularly contains updates on the Global Fellowship.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Members should be aware of sharing their email addresses with strangers.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National D1


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