Hectic Heraldry

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Local Knowledge Badge. Activity Badge: Section Two: Learn about the meaning of a Coat Of Arms.


Base 1: Large A1 Sheet of white or cream coloured paper, draw a large shield that covers the whole paper and dissect into the amount of Sixes in your pack.
Base 2: Download segments used in a coat of arms, eg. Fleur De Lis, Unicorn, Lion, Scroll Clip and then print on A4 paper and cut each piece out.
Base 3: Pieces of cloth, material for each Cub, small doweling or similar. Cloth needs to have cuts made in the top of it, like turrets on a castle.
Base 4: Download templates of Shields and Tapestries on A4 paper.
Other resources required; Crayons for Tapestry, Glue, Scissors, Coloured Pencils, Pencils, pieces of material app. 6-8 inches square.


Each Base lasts app. 15 mins. and the Sixes move round each base in clockwise rotation.
Base 1: Large Shield - Each Six is given a segment of the shield which they have to work together to draw and colour in items of their choice, eg. favourite hobby or favourite sport. When completed by all Sixes, the shield is then put together to see how it looks.
Base 2: Colour in and cut out the pieces to make your own shield. Make your own Coat of Arms - Each Cub is given the segments and make their own Coat of Arms. They need to colour the pieces in first before they stick them together.
Base 3: Do a Tapestry using wax crayons on a square piece of material. Cubs get a piece of cloth where they have to draw and colour in pictures of their choice, ie. favourite hobby etc. and then glue the top pieces over the dowelling to make it look like a tapestry.
Base 4: Cubs to make their own Shield and Tapestry with the templates provided.


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