IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 04

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4 Find out about one protected species in Ireland and one endangeredspecies in the world Make a display using this information
(Elephants and Hunters)


 Beanbags or soft balls


Aim of Badge
To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed


• Choose two Brownies to be Hunters and one to be a Ranger
• Leader explains that all other Brownies are a group of elephants who are being stalked by hunters.
• Brownies scatter around the room
• The hunters, armed with a beanbag, try to bring down the elephants by hitting them between their ankle and knee.
• When an elephant is hit they sit down trunk up (hand in the air) until 'rescued' by a ranger (who touches their 'trunk') and they can rejoin the game.
• Increase the number of hunters and rangers, but make sure there are always more hunters than rangers.


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  • Brownie Environmental Awareness
  • Endangered animals
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  • Interest Badge Brownie Environmental Awareness
  • Northwest Regional Conference 2016

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