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Aim: To give young people a sense of belonging to a worldwide organisation and challenge them to be supportive of other members of the global family. Introduction: The Global Fellowship could be seen as the International Family of The Boys Brigade, but it is more than this and incorporates kindred organisations with similar aims and objectives. Its mission: By uniting, sewing and supporting Christian youth organisations worldwide, Global Fellowship will assist its member organisations to accomplish their mission with young people in church and society. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, International G2


Activity 1
• Pens
• Atlases
• ‘Where in the world? template

Activity 2
• Access to the Internet or the leader will need to print off some material prior to the session
• Pens
• The BB — Similar Yet Different’ template

Activity 3
• Materials to make a poster
• Pre-printed material
• Access to PC/laptop if possible
• Access to The Internet if possible


Activity 1 - Facts about the Global Fellowship

Aim: To show the extent of the Global Fellowship and for the young people to begin to consider what belonging to a world wide organisation means.

• Ask the young people if they know of any overseas countries where there is BR.
• share that we are going to find out about an organisation called the Global Fellowship (GF).
• share its mission (listed above).
• What do the young people think that this mission means? Explain that it is about helping all of the member organisations to work with young people by sharing expertise etc.
• Explain that the CF splits the world into 10 regions and that we are going to find out a little about each.
• Complete the Where in the World?’ template.
• Finish the session by explaining that next times we will be looking at one of the countries in more detail. Ask the young people which country they would like to look at. The Global Fellowship website has information about many of the countries and many member organisations have their own website.

Activity 2 - Same But Different

Aim: To compare a country within the Global Fellowship to BB In the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

• Young people were asked in the previous session to choose a country they would like to find out more about.

• Think about SB companies in your own Battalion. Ask the young people about the things that are the same and the things that are different. Are there things that show that we are SB. Similarities could be the uniform, the age groups, that we all are part of a church etc. Differences could be related to the programme, whether there’s a band etc.

• Ask the young people what they think will be the same and different about the BB in the chosen country.

• Provide information either via the internet or from pie-printed material.

• Complete ‘The US — Similar Yet Different’ template.

• Why do the young people think there are differences? This will depend on the country chosen and could be to do with geography, climate, poverty etc.

Tips / Advice:
There is a danger that this could become like a school lesson. Try to develop the ideas through discussion and be aware that there may be young people who have difficulty accessing written language.

Activity 3 -- Country Round Up

Aim: To report on one country In the Global Fellowship In greater detail.

• The young people are to make a presentation on their chosen country and about the SB there.
• How they do this should be their decision.
• What to include should be their decision.
• Possible ways include: scrapbook, poster, written account, oral presentation, PowerPoint presentation.
• It would be good if the others in the group could access the presentation and comment/ask questions.
• It may be possible to develop links with members in the chosen country. This could be done through the Global Fellowship or by making contact with BB HQ. If this is to be done, encourage the young people to do this themselves.

Tips / Advice:
Allow the young people to make the presentation in their ova way When commenting, try to comment and ask questions about the content, not the quality of the presentation.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, International G2


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