Spinal Injuries

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First aid instruction on dealing with C-Spine injuries




First Aid – Spinal Injury [20 mins]
• If you suspect that someone has a spinal injury, do not move them unless their life is in danger. This would be in situations were if they remain where they are they may be killed, for example in the path of a forest fire, or if you do not move them they will die anyway, ie when you need to do CPR.
• Moving a casualty with a spinal injury may cause them to be paralysed for the rest of their lives or even that the spinal cord will be cut which may prevent them breathing.
• Always suspect a spinal injury if the casualty has fallen awkwardly, especially from a height, and particularly if the casualty has a head injury or is experiencing any loss of feeling or movement.
• Treatment – Keep the casualty still; Advice the person not to move; Kneel behind the head and support the head and neck in a straight line; Use rolled up coats and jumpers to support the head and neck; Get expert medical help.


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