IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 05 TEAMWORK

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5. Discuss with your Leader what to do if you were lost in a shopping centre, on the street or outdoors and know how to make an emergency phone call (Emergency Emergency relay )


Per Team
 Hula hoop
 Four balloons
 Two sticks
 Permanent marker


This activity encourages Brownies to gain an understanding of which services may be required in an emergency

• This activity is played in relay format.
• Write or stick the following on each of the balloons
Emergency Number - Ambulance -Fire - Garda
• Divide the Brownies into four teams at one end of the hall
• Place the hula hoops at other end. Hula hoops represent “accident site”
• The aim is to get the “emergency services” as quickly as possible to the site
• Two Brownies from each team pick up their first balloon by using their “sticks “only
• If they drop the balloon then two more take up where they left off.
• The first team to get all the emergency services to the accident site wins.

Discuss which service should be used first when you come across an accident site.

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