IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 05 TEAMWORK

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5. Discuss with your Leader what to do if you were lost in a shopping centre, on a street or outdoors and know how to make an emergency phone call (Pretend We're Lost running game)


 Action Cards (See overleaf)
 Blu Tac


This game can be used to reinforce what steps Brownies can take to make sure they are found if they get lost.

Begin by reviewing good safety practise with the Brownies.
To Play:
Post answer/action cards around the meeting space.
Ask the Brownies what they would do if they were lost in different kinds of places.
Brownies find the appropriate answer and perform the activity.

See attached file for questions/answers/actions

Debrief/Discussion Follow up this activity with the activity from the Journey Planner


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