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7. Know how to apply a plaster or bandage (Plaster Relay Game)


 About 200 band-aids



Energetic and fun relay while applying Band-aids (Plasters)
Note to Leaders
Do not allow Ladybirds to stick the band-aids on skin as it will hurt to remove them.
Put the Band-aid on their uniform

Ladybirds divide up into two lines.
Each girl is given a band-aid.
The girl at the front of the line takes about 10 large steps forward and turns around to face the others in the line, she is the starter.

A leader can be the caller.
The caller says Go Arm or Go Leg or Go Elbow …. etc
When “GO, arm!” I called, the first girl in line runs up to the starter. The starter holds out her arm ( or whichever body part was called) and gets a band-aid stuck on it. With band-aid on she runs to the end of the line.
The new starter waits for the leader to call the next body part.
Relay continues until all girls on one team have a band-aid stuck on their uniform … winners

Acknowledgement/Sources browniegirlscouts.pbworks


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