IGG Grow: Compulsory Challenge 02

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2. Know your address (Post a letter)


 Copy of letter template for each Ladybird (see overleaf)
 Envelopes
 A postage stamp for each envelope
 Pre addressed envelopes
 Download “An Post” story of a letter


Teach Ladybirds their address and what happens to a letter when they post it. Learn what the Postman, a community helper does every day.


1. Ladybirds watch “An Post” story of a letter and discuss what they see happening
2. Each Ladybird then fills out the letter template and gives back to leader ( Leader makes sure that no Ladybird post her own letter to herself !!)
3. Each Ladybird takes her own addressed envelope and checks it is correct.
4. Leader explains how the postman reads the address from bottom up. ie Eircode,county, town, street, estate, house number, name of person.
5. Leader hands out the folded letters to Ladybirds and they put in their envelope, stick on their stamp and seal.
6. Go to post office and post letters as a group if you are near a Post Office or Leader will post the letters first thing in the morning after meeting.
7. Ladybirds bring in their “post” to next meeting and show and tell.

Acknowledgement/Sources - An Post


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