B17 Tracking

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An outdoor activity that allows you to lead young people on a guided tour of your local area or around local parkland. Suitable for Junior years 2 and 3. Taken from the BB Junior Section Going For Gold Program pack and added to the Junior Pro Pack as Body B-17.


Open area to explore


This Achievement should be a progression from the 1st year Achievement ‘Treasure Hunt. The young person should be able to recognise at least six of the signs illustrated when placed out in a field or wooded area (or local park). The young person should be able to follow a route through suitable countryside such as a wood. The route should be marked out using special signs such as those illustrated. This Achievement could take the form of a game, where one group of members ‘sets’ the trail, and another group tries to find the first group, by tracking them down, following the signs.

Ensure adequate supervision is available

See attachment for signs and full details.


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