Emergency Aid 4 Part 1

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You need a minimum of 7 people to run the bases.
Emergency aid 4 Covering
Scene of Accident
Emergency Services
Unconscious Breathing
Unconscious not Breathing
Minor Bleeding
Major Bleeding


Download Program disaster on camp. This is the plan to run the evening.
Download booklet Emergency aid part 1 =1 for each scout and leader.
Download first aid quiz = 1 for each scout
Download base sheets 1 2 3 4 for each leader running the base.
Download making wounds sheet and incorporate in to base 4 scenario. Need to go shopping.


Base 1 covers = Scene of accident, emergency service, Unconscious Breathing, Recovery.
Base 2 covers = Unconscious not Breathing, CPR
Base 3 Cover = Major and Minor Bleeding
Base 4 Scenario = to cover all of above. YL or leaders needed to cover this base.



Badge Links

  • Emergency Aid - 999
  • Emergency Aid - Minor and Major Bleeding
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious and breathing
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious not breathing