Painting with body parts

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Each patrol to produce a painting without using paint brushes.


Large sheet of paper per patrol - flip chart paper
Selection of Paint - those aimed at toddler market will be safer
Paper plates number of patrols x number of colours of paint
Flannels/bucket of water/shower
mop and bucket


Patrols are challenged to produce a painting, on theme. The "paint brushes" are their hands, feet, elbows or other body parts. The paintings will be judged on creativity, and different body parts used.

Risk assessment -
No running - there may be a slippy floor tonight, but try not to get paint on the floor.
Limit the body parts that they can use - clothes to stay on.
Beware of paint near eyes or mouth.
Use paint that is unlikely to (1) cause a reaction to skin or if accidentally ingested, (2) easy to clean up from (a) body (b) clothes, (c) furniture, (d) walls.
Clean up spills as they happen.


  • messy games
  • paint
  • team building

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