Helping Hand - Random Acts of Kindness

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Girls draw around their hand and then write a random act of kindness (good turn) that they've done in each finger


sheet of paper or printout (or just write the reminder on the bottom)


Discuss with girls what a random act of kindness is and isn't - not a job or regular chore, something where you don't expect to get something in return.
Why do we do random acts of kindness?
Ask them for examples and answer any questions they have about what would count.

Give them a sheet of paper and get them to draw around their hand with the fingers splayed.
Have them write a random act of kindness they have done recently on the thumb.
Challenge them to look out for things they can do and write one thing they've done each week for the next 4 weeks in the fingers and bring the hand back to Guides.


  • good turn
  • Helping hand
  • Helping others
  • lend a hand
  • make a difference
  • promise
  • random act of kindness

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