Glow Stick Wide Game Quiz

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A Wide Game that involves Cubs working as teams to collect Glow Sticks from Leaders by answering questions, whilst being pursued by Young Leaders!


Glow Sticks (If playing in daylight the Glow Sticks could be replaced by Ribbons, Balloons etc).

Lots of general knowledge questions.

1 whistle

At least 1 Leader per team + several fit Young Leaders.


Cubs must stay together in their team to find a Leader who has their who has glow sticks. (Each Leader start of the game with the glow sticks).

Cubs must correctly answer a question posed by the Leader to win a Glow Stick. If they answer incorrectly They must go off and find another leader and do the same again
Cubs may only answer a question if their whole team is present.

Young Leaders try to catch the Cubs, if they touch any member of the team the team must give the Young Leader one of their Glow Sticks. The Young Leader then passes the Glow Stick back to one of the Leaders so that it can be re-earned by the team by answering a question correctly.

The game starts with a blow on the whistle and ends either when the leaders have no more glow sticks or the whistle is blown again. The winning team is who ever has the most glow sticks.

We use HQ as a base for cubs to either rest or if there are any problems


  • Glow sticks
  • wide game

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