Islands in the Lava

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Use magical floating asbestos pads, to get your patrol across the lava field!


foam tiles, or similar. (the kind that link together, playroom floor tiles, that sort of thing - 2 or 3 per patrol, depending on size)
extra objects to raise the challenge level (as below), identical for each patrol (one per)
open space
start and finish line

Tiles are cheap, and sometimes found surplus at garage sales or car boot sales... but are also lightweight and useful for kneeling during other events, while canoeing, sitting on at camp, etc. (ie: they have become a handy part of our kit, and we play this challenge at least once a year)


Simple relay race game, get from one side of the room/field to the other, as a patrol, together, by placing mats on the floor in front of the patrol, moving onto the mat, and picking up the empty one from behind the patrol, passing it to the front, and carrying on. No one can touch the lava, you must stay on the mats. Options for re-start if they do.
Rewards for the winning patrol, at your discretion.

Enhance multiple repeats of the race, by adding objects that they must now carry with them, across the lava field.
Make them think, by setting the rule that once someone is given an item, and is responsible for that item, they can't swap on any future races with anyone else. (hide the objects you intend to add)
We've used any of the following items, many times simply taken from the Scout storage cupboard or the hall;
- chair
- tent in bag (awkward)
- heavy brick (heavy)
- egg (delicate)
- ziplock or water balloon filled with water (sloppy)
- empty water jug (bulky)
- storage bin or trash bin (bulky)
- long pole

Etc... :-)


  • inclusion
  • patrol challenge
  • team building

Badge Links

  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Team-building