Magical Flower opening Experiment

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Make a Flower and fold in the Petals and when placed in water watch the petals open to show a message.


Scissors to cut out the Flower
Paper (A4 photocopy paper is ok)
Coloured Pencils
Tray or similar & Water


1. Cut out a Daisy Flower using the attached template, one for each Beaver
2. Use coloured pencils to decorate the flower, you can put a message in the middle related to any topic or use the Beaver promise, ie. Please Smile with a smiley face, Be Helpful to Mum, Tidy my room.
DO NOT USE FELT TIP PENS (Flowers are put into Water)
3. Fold each petal into the circle one after the other each petal slightly covering the last, until the centre message is covered.
4. Using a tray of similar, put in a small amount of water.
5. Place the flower onto the water with the Petals up and leave alone, watch the petals open and show the message. (Magic)


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