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Make a musical instrument. (make a guitar and shaker)


 Empty shoe box per Ladybird
 Rubber bands
 Ruler or stick
 Rice/beads
 Empty bottles
 Funnel


Instructions: Make a Guitar
• Gather the Ladybirds in a group
• Give each Ladybird an empty shoe box
• Remove the cover from the box.
• Stretch rubber bands around the box.
• Attach the ruler or stick to the back of the box on one end to act as the arm of the guitar.
To play
Strum or pluck the rubber bands

Instructions: Shakers
• Give each Ladybird an empty plastic bottle
• Using a small funnel half fill the bottle with rice
• Small beads can also be used
To play
Shake to play

Acknowledgement/Sources: Trefoil News Winter 2016


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