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Christmas Crafts


 pipe cleaners
 red and green beads
 Tape
 Ribbons
 Strings
 Beads
 Old cds
 plastic piping bags,
 Mini Marshmallows
 Small red pom pom balls


Candy Canes:
• Bend the pipe cleaner over at the top.
• Put the beads on one at a time.
• To stop the beads from falling out you can fold a small part over at the end and wrap cello tape on it.
• Do the same when finished.
• You can put a ribbon and a card on them and give them out as presents.
Christmas Baubles:
• Give each Ladybird an old CD disc
• Have them decorate their CD’s with ribbons, strings, beads, etc.
• Using ribbon make a hanging loop by threading it through the hole in the middle and tying it off
• Why not use the finished CD’s to decorate the meeting hall for Christmas.
Reindeer Hot Chocolate.
• Using small plastic piping bags fill some hot chocolate powder into the bags.
• Top with mini marshmallows.
• Ensure that the bags are tied tightly.
• Put some Google eyes and pom pom ball for nose onto the front of the bags

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