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Make a percussion instrument and use it to accompany a well-known tune or song.


 Coloured paper
 Can with a plastic lid- coffee tin for example
Crayons or markers


Some things you have a home or might usually throw away-- can be recycled to make great musical instruments that really work and are great fun.
• Cut a piece of paper to fit around a CAN with a plastic lid; large coffee cans work well, but any size can be used.
• Decorate the paper with crayons and markers--Attach the paper around the can with tape.
• You can also use an empty PLASTIC JUG, or WOODEN BOWL turned upside down or metal POT or BOWL.
• You can also use clean recycled food cans, with a cut balloon and a hair bobbin to hold it in place and use a lollipop stick as the drumstick.

Acknowledgement/Sources: Trefoil News Winter 2016


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