Relaxation Techniques

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These three deep breaths work great with young kids at both home and school alike! Try them out with the children in your life.




The Elevator Breath
Breathing in raise your arms above your head and say “Elevator Up!” Breathing out, float your arms back down to your sides, saying “Elevator Down.” Repeat.
The Bunny Rabbit Breath
Take three quick breaths in while wiggling your nose. Wiggle your nose on each breath in. Then wiggle your nose on each breath out.
The Snake Breath
Hold your hand in front of your nose and hiss hiss hiss while breathing out.
Relaxation Routine: Bunny Snake Elevator!
Use all three together as part of a relaxation routine, saying “Give me three Bunny Rabbit breaths. Now just the bunny rabbit nose. Follow it with snake breath. And end with three elevator breaths. This can be used for a calm down. Have Fun Relaxing!!!


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