Bubble Blowing Relaxation

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An activity to encourage relaxation among Brownies


Bubbles and bubble wands for each Brownie or at least 1 between 2


Discuss how a deep breath is a silent message to the body that it is “time to relax.” Practice a few rounds of deep diaphragmatic breathing.
Bubble Blowing
Bring out the bubbles! Explain how we were going to practice taking a deep breath while blowing bubbles. Practice taking turns, leading the group in a few rounds of deep breaths.
Next, discuss how it is possible to put happy thoughts into the bubbles and to fill our day with these happy thoughts. Talk about how thoughts carry energy. If they are happy, they can, like bubbles, fill the atmosphere around you with positive feeling energy. If you want show them a picture of a cartoon with a “bubble thought” over their head and discuss how bubbles can hold thoughts. Ask everyone to think about something they love or like very much, to see how it feels inside to think about that happy thought. If it doesn’t feel good, then it isn’t a happy thought. Now, blow bubbles with the happy thoughts in them. Take turns. When in is your turn, blow bubbles and announce to the group what happy thought is inside each bubble. Encourage each child and comment on the bubbles. Reflect the brilliance placed within the bubbles back to them. Be present. Connect. Breathe.
Now, “send” happy thoughts to others. Have the other children catch the bubbles on their wands. When caught, ask the child sending the bubble to explain what happy thought was inside. Thank the person for sending you that “happy thought.”


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