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Threading buttons onto pipe cleaners to make a button wreath is fun (and it's good practice for little kids, too!) Kids of all ages can make a really pretty button wreath using pipe cleaners and just a few buttons out of the sewing box or craft cupboard! Hang the finished button wreath on the Christmas tree, use it as a napkin ring on the Christmas table, suspend with ribbon from door knobs, or just enjoy


Pipe cleaner


• Thread the pipe cleaner in and out through the two holes of each button, spacing the buttons as you go.
• Bend into a circle, then twist the top of the circle together to secure the buttons in place. Tie a ribbon bow around the top on the wreath.
• That's it, you are done - and your button wreath is ready to display! Tie another loop of ribbon or cord, or attach another piece of pipe cleaner as a loop, to hang it up if you wish.
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