IGG INTEREST BADGE: Brownie Performing Arts Option 03

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Recognise and name one instrument from each section of an orchestra: woodwind, string, percussion and brass (Pictures of Musical Instruments Quiz)


 Pictures of musical instruments (see overleaf)
 White Card
 Laminator (optional)
 Quiz worksheet per Brownies.
 Pencil per Brownie
 How to play Leader’s Notes (see overleaf)


• Photocopy pictures onto card
• Display pictures of instruments around the meeting hall
• Divide the Pack in pairs
• Give each Brownie a copy of the Quiz sheet( overleaf)
• Brownies to find the answers and complete sheet

In Pow Wow, discuss
• The different Families in an orchestra.
• How they are played (see overleaf)
• Where else have they may have seen any of the instruments played
• Do any of the Brownie play an instrument
• Which instrument they like best



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