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Explain what the film classifications are and why they are used. Explain the role of IFCO.


Classification list (see overleaf)


• Gather the girls in a circle
• Explain the different classifications of films attached
• Explain the role IFCO:
IFCO, a statutory body first established in 1923, is responsible for examining and certifying all cinema films and videos/DVDs distributed in Ireland.
Their aim is to provide the public and parents in particular with a modern and dependable system of classification that:
 protects children and young persons
 has regard for freedom of expression
 has respect for the values of Irish society

• Keeping the classifications as one strip, cut the information overleaf into separate cards
• Give each Patrol a full set of cards
• Guides to match the cards under the correct headings

Acknowledgement/Source: Trefoil News Winter 2016

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