IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Arts Appreciation Option 21

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Choose an artist whose work you admire and describe why.


Each guide brings favourite piece of art.


1. Leader explains the following:

Art Appreciation is the knowledge and understanding of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art. The more you appreciate and understand the art of different eras, movements, styles and techniques, the better you can develop, evaluate and improve your own artwork.

Visual arts definition- the arts created primarily for visual perception, as drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts.

• Each Guide has their favorite piece of art.
• Make a collage showing the artist’s work.
• Include information i.e. where and when they lived, their family life, style, subject matter and what ideas they tried to put across in their paintings etc.
• Present this to their patrol/unit.

Book: 13 Artists Children should know (Prestel)

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